Principal Investigator

Sylvain Agostini


Assistant Professor Doctor of Science


  • Doctor at Shizuoka University, Japan in 2009
  • Master: University of Aix Marseille II in Biology and Population of Marine Organisms (2005)
  • Undergraduate: University of Aix Marseille II in Biology of Marine Organisms (2003)


  • University of Tsukuba Best Faculty Member 2018
  • Japanese Coral Reef Society Kawaguchi Award for young Researchers 2018 JCRS webpage
  • Best Paper Award Coral Reef for the paper Agostini, Sylvain, Yoshimi Suzuki, Tomihiko Higuchi, Beatriz E Casareto, Koichi Yoshinaga, Yoshikatsu Nakano, et H. Fujimura. 2012. « Biological and chemical characteristics of the coral gastric cavity ». Coral Reefs 31 (1):147–156.
  • Best Paper Award Japanese Coral Reef Society for the paper: Agostini, S., Y. Suzuki, B.E. Casareto, Y. Nakano, M. Hidaka, et N. Badrun. 2009. « Coral symbiotic complex: Hypothesis through vitamin B12 for a new evaluation ». Galaxea, Journal of Coral Reef Studies 11 (1):1–11.

Work Experience

  • (Pesent) Assistant Professor at the Shimoda Marine Research Center, University of Tsukuba
  • (2011-2012) Postdoctoral fellow “Coral Hub” at the University of the Ryukyus
  • (2010-2011) Postdoctoral fellow “New Coral Reef Science” at Shizuoka University
  • (2009-2010) Postdoctoral fellow “Global Coral Reef Conservation Project” (Mitsubishi Corporation) at Shizuoka University

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Kugako Sugimoto: “Tara Jambio: Microplastic pollution in Japanese coastal waters”


  • Joshua Heitzman (Doctor student): “Coral algae interactions and the “White Mat Syndrome” coral disease”
  • Yano Yuki (Master student): “Effects of OA on limpets: Ecological and behavioral study”
  • Teika Ryohei (Master student): “Effects of OA on the ecology and behavior of Goby fishes”
  • Guinther Mitushasi (Master student): “Taxonomical study of the corals sampled during the Tara Pacific Project”
  • Jonathan Ramtahal (Master student): “Tara Jambio: Microplastic pollution of Japanese coastal sediment and its effects on benthic organisms”.
  • Hirata Akihiro (Master student): “Photophysiology of bleached corals”
  • Takenaka Hiroki (4th year undergraduate): “Japanese Parrotfish abundance and seasonality: implication for the phenomenom of Isoyake”.


For more information on the internship program see: shimoda-international-internship-program-marine-biology

The program is suspended until further notice due to covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Past members

  • Dr Sung Yin Yang (postdoc): “Effect of coral bleaching mitigation techniques on the coral microbiome”
  • Reimi Terayama (4th year undergraduate, ICU): “Photoinhibition and gross photosynthesis of bleached corals”
  • Klervi Lugue (master internship): “Cold shock response of the corals Acropora solitaryensis and Porites heronensis under OA”
  • Giuseppe Belfiore (master internship): “Sponges communities at the Shikine Island CO2 seep”
  • Risa Takimoto (4th year undergraduate, ICU): “Thermal performance of the warm temperate coral Porites heronensis under OA”
  • Wataru Yamazaki (Master): “Thermal performance of the warm temperate coral Porites heronensis